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Here at Alumax, we offer a range of Canopies for both residential and commercial use and Canopy supplies to the building trade and suppliers. We have the expertise to help transform your garden and outdoor area into something special. We have a growing range of Canopies and Canopy supplies at affordable prices, with delivery within the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

All of our Aluminium canopy structures are made in the Ireland to the highest standards using Aluminium frames sourced from reputable suppliers. Our range of Canopies comes in different shapes, sizes and styles, and it comes with a 10-year guarantee on the material.

Aluminium Canopies for Residential
and Commercial Solutions

If you are looking to protect your home or business with a canopy, you need a solution that looks great while also being reliable, strong, and durable. Luckily, the aluminium canopies that we have for sale tick all of these boxes.

We provide safe and stylish weather protection solutions that serve to transform outside spaces. We design and manufacture quality aluminium canopy, shelter and shade systems for homes, schools and commercial organisations throughout the Ireland from our warehouse in Citywest, Dublin.

Canopy comes with 3mm clear Heavy Duty Impact-Resistant Solid Polycarbonate Glazing.

Why choose aluminium canopies?

The aluminium canopies that we have for sale are also equipped with internal drainage. Downspouts, columns, and breams will make sure that the water drains down and out.

Custom made aluminium canopies in Ireland

Residential Canopies

We sell a wide range of residential canopies for all occasions. Not only does this include canopies for doors and windows but also canopies for sunrooms, freestanding patio and garden canopies, terrace cover and lean-to canopies.

Commercial Canopies

We sell a huge assortment of commercial canopies, including large commercial shelters, school playground covers, loading bay covers, entrance canopies, walkway covers, smoking area shelters, and shop front canopies.

Contact us today if you have any bespoke requirements

If you want a bespoke canopy to be designed and fitted to suit your specific needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today for more information. We are always happy to work to your specific requests, and you can be sure that our prices are affordable.

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Aluminium canopy manufacturer in Ireland

Why use an Aluminium Frame for a Canopy?

There are so many different types of canopies in the marketplace today, so you may wonder what material would be best to use for a canopy framework. The most popular choices are steel, wood or aluminium. Here at Alumax Ltd we choose aluminium and here is why we prefer this material to others.

Canopy Frame

Benefits of Aluminium

Durability. Aluminium building products are made from alloys that are weather-proof, corrosion-resistant and immune to the harmful effects of UV rays, ensuring optimal performance over a very long lifetime. Please read the explain below to see the other benefits of using Aluminium.


Aluminium is a high-strength and lightweight material, and this has led it to be an extremely popular choice of material. It is widely used in the aviation industry because of this. It is perfect for outdoor use as its strength just increases in colder weather making it perfect for our Ireland's climate.

Aluminium is lightweight

Even though aluminium canopies are composed of durable structural members, they are light enough that most canopy systems can be installed without heavy equipment.

Resistance to Rust

A canopy or an awning is a long-time investment, and you want it to look as new for many years to come. Aluminium is the ideal choice as it is naturally rust-resistant and will not deteriorate over time, unlike other materials. It is also virtually maintenance-free!

Resistance to fire

Aluminium itself is naturally fire-resistant and achieves an A1 fire rating. Aluminium will not burn, even at extremely high temperatures.

Single Piece Sections

Aluminium can easily be shaped and made into single-pieced sections. This makes it easy to install than other alternatives that would require a complex set of parts that has to be assembled before installation. This makes it also much more lightweight than other materials like wood or metal.

Frame Colour

By powder coating the aluminium framework it will add both colour and protection to the structure. So it can be a canopy that makes a statement, or blend seamlessly with the existing environment.


Aluminium does not produce any toxic fumes.


Aluminium is one of the few materials that can be recycled over and over again, and as we are becoming more conscious of the environment aluminium is a perfect choice!

What Are the Benefits of Polycarbonate?

The versatility of this popular material goes from cladding and skylights to roofing and interior design. But the benefits of polycarbonate go far beyond its aesthetic appeal. Architects may choose it for its looks, but project managers, engineers, and DIYers choose it for a number of other benefits that you’ll want to consider before selecting material for your next project. Here’s an overview.

Canopy Glazing

We use Heavy-Duty Impact-Resistant Solid Polycarbonate Glazing.

Polycarbonate Sheets

UV Protection

Flame Resistant

Shock Proof

Benefits of Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is very strong and can manage to resist impact 250 times more than glass compared to an acrylic sheet that can only resist impacting 17 times more than glass. Polycarbonate is also much more flexible than acrylic and can bend more under load-bearing application without cracking. Acrylic is more rigid and can crack under extreme impact. Please use the link below to see the many benefits of using Polycarbonate Glazing.


Polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass and is virtually indestructible. Because of its impact resistance, polycarbonate is a favourable choice for protection from extreme weather, flying debris, or vandalism.


Polycarbonate material weighs about half as much as its glass equivalent, which means you can enjoy lower shipping costs, easier moving and storage, and simplified material handling. The light weightiness of polycarbonate makes it easier to handle, transport and carry. Therefore, the costs involved with the labour and transportation are highly cut down. This makes polycarbonates even more affordable even after purchase.

Property of resistance

Polycarbonates are resistant to impact and any kind of damage. Therefore, these sheets can be used in areas that are prone to stone, hail, rain, wind, storm and snow. Even in the worst case of breakage, these sheets do not produce harmful shards like glass. Also, these sheets are highly resistant to flame and do not cause toxic gases when on fire. So, they can also be conveniently used in areas prone to fire.


Polycarbonate, being so strong and flexible, helps the structures it is used in to be more creatively designed. Unlike glass, the structures that use polycarbonate can be shaped like domes, igloos and many other fancy shapes that add a design feature to the building.

Light transmission

Polycarbonate offers light transmission properties that are comparable to glass, giving it an advantage over glass because it visually functions the same way but is significantly lighter and more durable.

Frame Colour

By powder coating the aluminium framework it will add both colour and protection to the structure. So it can be a canopy that makes a statement, or blend seamlessly with the existing environment.

Ultraviolet protection

One of the most beneficial features of polycarbonate is that it lets in maximum sunlight while keeping out the harmful UV radiations. Therefore, it is the ideal choice when you want maximum light to come in without being harmful. This property makes it the most widely used in greenhouses to help the plants within to grow well while keeping them protected against burning.

Thermal insulation

Both solid and multiwall polycarbonate provide some degree of thermal insulation. Of the two, multiwall is capable of providing a higher degree of thermal insulation because of its interior structure.

Sound barrier

The ultimate property of polycarbonate to block sound makes it a popular material used in areas that require privacy like conference rooms, office cabins, etc.

Composite decking installation in Ireland

Why Choose Us?

Reduced costs and better cost management.
Higher profitability.
Improved customer focus and satisfaction.
Increased customer loyalty and retention.

Low maintenance can have a positive economic impact for building, because: it keeps maintenance costs low, it maintains higher property values, it maintains the quality of public and retail spaces.

Location helps to ensure that always we have high-demand items on-hand, so that we will never come up short. An accurate inventory record also allows to follow sales trends, so that we can differentiate between fast-moving and slow-moving products.

Personalise with your chosen size and choice of composite decking colours.

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